Here are the any-deer permit numbers by district

Want to know how many any-deer permits will be issued in your favorite deer hunting district? Here’s the answer, in a proposal publicized yesterday by DIFW.

MAPA-3 revised 2-2016
Notice of Agency Rule-making Proposal
ADVERTISE: June 6, 2018

AGENCY: 09-137 Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

CHAPTER NUMBER AND TITLE: Chapters 4.03 (A-5.) and (C.1.) – Deer Hunting Seasons; 4.04 (A.2) – Bear Hunting Season (youth day); 4.06 (1.E.) – Wild Turkey Spring Season (youth day)

PROPOSED RULE NUMBER (leave blank; to be assigned by Secretary of State):

In accordance with 12, M.R.S. §11152 the Commissioner of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife proposes to adopt antlerless deer permit numbers for the 2018 regular deer hunting season and special muzzle-loading season by setting specific permit allocations for the 29 Wildlife Management Districts (WMD) as follows:
WMD 1 – 0 permits
WMD 2 – 25 permits
WMD 3 – 50 permits
WMD 4 – 0 permits
WMD 5 – 0 permits
WMD 6 – 100 permits
WMD 7 – 400 permits
WMD 8 – 375 permits
WMD 9 – 50 permits
WMD 10 – 0 permits
WMD 11 – 0 permits
WMD 12 – 400 permits
WMD 13 – 475 permits
WMD 14 – 200 permits
WMD 15 – 4,200 permits WMD 16 – 6,500 permits
WMD 17 – 10,000 permits
WMD 18 – 150 permits
WMD 19 – 0 permits
WMD 20 – 9,550 permits
WMD 21 – 10,500 permits
WMD 22 – 11,000 permits
WMD 23 – 12,375 permits
WMD 24 – 8,750 permits
WMD 25 – 7,850 permits
WMD 26 – 270 permits
WMD 27 – 25 permits
WMD 28 – 0 permits
WMD 29 –1,500 permits

TOTAL – 84,745__
An amendment to language regarding youth hunting days is also being proposed to clarify that adult supervisors may carry a handgun pursuant to 25, M.R.S. §2001-A, but not for the purpose of hunting. A complete copy of the proposed rule can be obtained from the rulemaking contact person listed below.

Date, time and location of PUBLIC HEARING: Tuesday, June 26, 2018 @ 6:00pm, Augusta Armory, Room 209, 179 Western Avenue, Augusta


Becky Orff, Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, 284 State Street 41 SHS, Augusta, ME 04333; phone: 207-287-5202; fax: 207-287-6395; e-mail:

AMEND CHAPTERS 4.03 (A-5.) and (C.1.) AS FOLLOWS:


A-5. Youth Deer Hunting Day. On the designated youth deer hunting day, holders of a valid junior hunting license may hunt deer with either a firearm, bow and arrow or crossbow and must be in the presence of and under the effective control of an adult supervisor as defined by Title 12 §11108-C. The parent, guardian or qualified adult shall not possess a firearm, bow and arrow or crossbow while accompanying a youth hunter on youth deer hunting day except that the supervisor may carry a handgun pursuant to 25 M.R.S. §2001-A, but it may not be carried for the purpose of hunting.

Only one antlered or antlerless deer may be taken except that in Wildlife Management Districts WMDs where no antlerless deer permits are issued, junior hunters are restricted to antlered deer only. Junior hunters who possess a bonus deer permit or who possess an expanded archery permit may take additional deer during other open seasons as authorized by the permit or license.

The youth deer hunting day occurs on the Saturday preceding the residents-only Saturday of the regular deer hunting season.

Except as otherwise provided, all laws pertaining to the regular deer hunting season apply on this day.

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