A Compelling First Novel By Jane Sloven

Every time I figured out who was the murderer in Jane Sloven’s Termination of Benefits, the next chapter proved me wrong. The twisted plot, with lots of curves and clues, will keep you guessing until the surprising ending which I will not give away.

It always astonishes me when a new author is able to write a terrific first novel, and that’s just what Jane did. Of course, she had a good background for this as a psychotherapist and attorney, retired now and living in Portland.
So it’s no surprise that the principle character, Sarah Green, has a law enforcement background and is now working as a counselor helping people through difficult and emotional problems. Trouble is, Sarah has lots of problems of her own, including visits from the ghost of a friend who was murdered.

Amidst the murder and mayhem Sarah wrestles with her attraction to her ex-husband and a sexy detective, and then there’s the disasters happening in her friend and next door neighbor’s life.

I can only hope these problems and challenges were not part of Jane’s career!

Published by Maine Author’s Publishing, I guarantee you will find this novel compelling and very difficult to put down. And there’s more good news, because Jane is working on a sequel to Termination of Benefits!