Stunning flowers and wild critters make this a wonderful book

From the stunning flowers to the wild critters and even the insects, A Season Of Flowers by Michael Garland is both beautiful and informative.

This is not surprising given that Garland is the author and illustrator of 34 children’s books and the illustrator of more than 40 books written by others.

On the book’s cover, I read “Nature smiles with flowers.” That is so true. As I write this, in late April, my wife Linda is hard at work in her flower gardens, which are beautiful.

Garland’s book, published by Tilbury House, takes us through the seasons, beginning in the spring and going until late fall. You and your kids will be hooked on the first two pages featuring snowdrops and crocuses, with lots of robins devouring bugs. Next up is a cute rabbit in tulips and hyacinth. After enjoying those first pages, I turned the page and was stunned by the gorgeous pink blossoms of the dogwood tree, along with a female cardinal sitting on a wall.

Be sure to have lots of time available when you open this book, because you will spend lots of time enjoying every illustration. I also liked the final pages which contain lots of information about flowers, including all those featured in the book.

You will want to buy this for your kids and grandkids, but trust me, you’ll spend a lot of time enjoying it too!