If turkeys are damaging your crops you can kill them

I get lots of complaints from farmers – and even from homeowners – about wild turkeys. Most are not aware that they can kill those turkeys.

Here’s that information, from DIFW’s new big game management plan:

You can kill any wild turkey if the turkey is in the act of attacking, harassing, or wounding domestic animals or destroying property. In addition, the owner of an orchard or crop (except grass, clover, and grain), may kill wild turkeys within the orchard or crop when substantial damage is occurring. You can also allow others to kill wild turkeys that are causing substantial damage with approval of a game warden. When you do kill a turkey, you must notify a game warden within 24 hours, and salvage the meat for consumption.

I DO NOT encourage you to do this, but if turkeys are severely damaging your crops, you do have the right to stop them.