Monthly Archives: February 2016

Wait until you see these carvings!

  Wayne Robbins calls his amazing woodcarvings “Celebrating Creatures of the Sea.” And that he does, magnificently. Linda and I stopped by Wayne’s shop in Bath last week and were captivated by his stories and his work. Wayne taught biology for 33 years in Bath before moving on to the local college for 12 years, […]

Nonresident landowners may join residents on opening day of the deer hunt

Representative Bob Duchesne summed it up nicely, saying, “I feel if you have a property tax paying stake here, you should be able to hunt on opening day.” And all but one member (Rep. Peter Lyford) of the legislature’s Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee agreed with Bob, who is House Chair of that committee. After […]

Should Second Congressional District residents have a say in what gets onto the ballot? 57 House members say No!

Groups representing sportsmen and women won legislative support last year for a Constitutional Amendment requiring that the number of signatures obtained by referendum campaigns equal at least 10 percent of the total votes cast in the previous gubernatorial election from each congressional district. Current law only includes a minimum number of signatures statewide. This would […]

Snowmobiling gets boost from legislature. Now we just need some snow!

The Maine legislature, regrettably, can’t make it snow, but they are acting to boost our snowmobile industry by allowing snowmobilers to use trails near controlled access highways. A bill sponsored by Representative Robert Saucier would amend Maine law so that the commissioner of transportation would be able to permit the construction of all-terrain vehicle and snowmobile […]