Monthly Archives: December 2015

New Maine Fisheries Plans Coming in 2016

Seventeen new fisheries management plans will be created in 2016 by Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, including one for Burbot. I’ll bet a lot of anglers don’t know what a Burbot is! For the record, it’s the fish we call cusk. A 15 member Fisheries Steering Committee has been selected to assist DIF&W […]

Debate gets ugly about selling wild game

My outdoor news column about selling wild game drew a lot of reaction from the 4,000 people who read it, including a couple hundred responses to my Sportsman Say survey question. Let’s start there. The column reported that it is illegal to sell wild game meat in Maine, or to charge people to eat wild […]

Governor’s Aide Issues favorable report on the Land for Maine’s Future Program

Despite Governor LePage’s ugly language and complaints about the Land for Maine’s Future Program and its Board, which he called corrupt, the Governor’s aide, Jonathon LaBonte, the Director of the Governor’s Office of Policy Analysis, has issued a very favorable report on the program. The report was ordered up by the Governor and is now available […]