Monthly Archives: August 2013

It’s all about culverts

We’ll be taping a Wildfire TV show next Wednesday with Pat Sirois, Director of Maine’s Sustainable Forestry Initiative, to discuss his exciting Fisheries Improvement Network. Among his many projects, Pat is leading the way to better culvert installations that allow fish passage. That is one of the biggest things that can be done to improve […]

Hunters and game animals go south

If you are planning to hunt this fall in Maine, you are probably hunting in southern Maine. The majority of deer and turkeys are now hunted and killed in the state’s southern counties. Maine Sunday Telegram outdoor reporter Deirdre Fleming analyzed 12 years’ worth of tagging station data for her very interesting story published on […]

George’s Outdoor Picks – Bukrap Vest

George’s Outdoor Picks Blog posts labeled “George’s Outdoor Picks” will tell you about my favorite things from books to bullets to binoculars, fly rods to flashlights, focusing on what’s new. I do get a lot of products to try, some great, some good, some not so good. In these posts, I’ll only be telling you […]

Trail cameras now require landowner permission

Sportsmen got caught up in a blazing battle between police agencies and civil libertarians at the legislature this year. The result requires anyone putting a camera on private land to have the landowner’s written permission or a warrant issued by a Judge. The Maine Civil Liberties Union had much success in the past legislative session, […]

Concealed carry permits are expensive and worthless

Today’s news report, by Associated Press reporter Alanna Durkin, that Maine’s State Police are now nearly five months behind in acting on concealed weapons permit applications, ought to be enough to finally get rid of this requirement. To be accurate, the law calls them concealed carry permits. Maine law required the permit applications to be […]

Questions answered about Roxanne Quimby and me

I’ve been questioned and criticized recently for collaborating with Lucas St.Clair to create a management and use plan for the lands purchased by his mother Roxanne Quimby. Here’s why my participation has been and is important. When Roxanne reached out to the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, Maine Snowmobile Association, and others who had been very […]