Monthly Archives: June 2013

Time to kick in for BOW scholarships

It’s one of the most exciting programs in the state, recruiting and introducing women to our favorite outdoor sports. And now, Becoming an Outdoorswoman (BOW) wants to step it up by increasing its scholarship fund for participating women. Friends of Becoming an Outdoors Woman has taken on the challenge of raising these scholarship funds. As […]

John Ford’s new book is a keeper

The cider may taste funny, but John Ford’s book is even funnier! Retired game warden John Ford is at it again. Perhaps he is astonished at the success of his first book, Suddenly, the Cider Didn’t Taste So Good! Maybe he’s enjoying his new assignment, traveling the state telling his tales to eager audiences. For […]

Wildfire hits the hot spots

We taped three new Wildfire TV shows on June 10 and talked about some hot topics. First up was Representative Mike Shaw, the House Chair of the legislature’s Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee. We ran through the list of what the committee did and did not do, and my cohost Harry Vanderweide challenged Mike on […]

Gift fish can put angler over the limit

Anglers who possess their limit of fish may not accept additional fish as gifts. And anglers who give fish to others must label each and every fish with the anglers name plus the year, month, and day the fish was caught. People who accept such fish may only possess them in their homes – nowhere […]

Legislature fishes for wild brook trout

A lot of legislative fishing was done this session for wild brook trout, driven by the adoption of new rules by the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to ban the use of live fish as bait on nine waters in northern Maine, to protect those waters from the possibility of the introduction of fish […]

Yummy Deer Camp sauces hit the market

Gary LaPlante’s Buen Apetito Waterville restaurant is one of our favorites, partly because he offers amazing dipping sauces. Some of them have been available in Barrels Market in Waterville, but now Gary has hit the big time with a whole new line of sauces. The line is called Deer Camp. The small flask bottles are […]

Does a logging truck ruin your north woods experience?

A new brochure, titled “Welcome to the Maine Woods” and subtitled, “Tips to enjoy your visit” may hold the answer to this question. The brochure was created by Keeping Maine’s Forests, described in the brochure as “a proactive partnership representing large forest landowners, forest product industries, recreation, conservation, environmental, and economic development interests.” A diverse group […]