Monthly Archives: December 2012

Woodcock Wins Brook Trout Protections

Commissioner Chandler Woodcock won a key vote yesterday in his long march to protect Maine’s remaining wild and native brook trout. The nearly unanimous vote of the Fish and Wildlife Advisory Council to ban the use of live fish as bait on 9 wild brook trout waters was also a significant victory for John Boland, […]

Fishing for Hatchery Dollars

Worried about the possibility that Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife might have to give back it’s small allotment of tax money to help fix a bad state budget problem, I talked yesterday with Todd Langevin, DIF&W’s Hatcheries Director. Last session the department received a special one-time appropriation of $200,000 of tax money to […]

Of Deer and More Important Things

With two fully scheduled days ahead, Thursday afternoon was my last opportunity to hunt deer in 2012. It’s been a fabulous hunting season for me: a moose hunt with my friends the Pineau clan and our shooter Kevin Stewart of Texas, another great week of pheasant hunting in North Dakota with an awesome group of […]

Goodmans Shut Down Maine Bear Cam

The Goodman family of Patton have shut down their very popular Maine bear cam, unable to raise the necessary funding to keep it going. It’s hard to believe someone in Maine didn’t see the value of 280,000 pairs of eyes looking at something in Maine. The Wildlife Research Foundation was created by the Goodman family […]