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My Muzzle-loading Mistakes

White Tales 11/30/2012 I thought I’d made all the possible muzzle-loading mistakes, but when 8 deer walked up to me yesterday and my cap went off without firing the powder, it was a new one. I quickly repeated the mistake, placing a new cap in the rifle and firing again at one of the deer […]

Gunning For Books

If you live in Maine, you should be familiar with guns, because you are very likely to encounter them. Most Mainers have guns in their homes. If you are not among them, it would be wise to educate yourself about guns. And if you do have guns in your home, it’s even more important to […]

How would you capture Maine in Five Photos?

A recent request to provide 5 photos that represent Maine, for, characterized as “the young person’s travel website,” was a real challenge. How would you capture Maine in five photos? According to Leah Prendergast, who made the request, her project “is a crowd sourced visual which will include bringing together 50 bloggers from all […]

On the hot seat in my deer seat.

White Tales November 24, 2012  3:30 pm, thirty-three degrees, a strong wind whipping the trees all around me, and I am toasty warm, in love with my new LavaSeat. Made by Arctic Zone, the LavaSeat is a $20 product that has made my deer season oh so much more comfortable. I pop the Microcore pack […]

White Tales November 17, 2012

A bad back delayed my deer hunting season until this past week, but I certainly made up for lost hunting time. Getting out on four of the last six days, I’ve seen 17 deer and jumped six others that I didn’t see. The good news is that this area of central Maine has a lot […]

SAM Slams Deer Feeding Rule Proposal

“This rule criminalizes nearly every individual who provides supplemental feed for deer in Maine… the Department has over-reached its legislative authority.  That very strong statement, from written testimony submitted by the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, pretty much says all that needs to be said about deer feeding rules proposed by Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries […]

Maine Makes “Best Hunt/Worst Conditions” List

The makers of GORE-TEX have discovered something important: Maine has some of the best hunting in the worst weather. In fact, we’re now on the Top Ten “Best Hunt/Worst Conditions” list! The company conducted a nationwide survey of “avid hunter-athletes, representatives of top hunting organizations and members of the hunting media.” Although I’m in all […]

Its a Cow!

Day Four of our 2012 Moose Hunt  (Before you tackle this Day Four column, please read previous blog posts: Day One – Searching for Moose at Northeast Carry, Day Two – Electrified by the Bellow of a Bull Moose, and Day Three – Good Grouse Almighty! Moose Hunting’s Exciting!  Heavy rain, spitting snow, and a […]

Electrified by the Bellow of a Bull Moose

Day Two at Northeast Carry (Please read Day One – Searching for Moose at Northeast Carry – in the previous blog post, before you tackle Day Two). I am freezing in the back of the Moose Ridah. We’re parked at an intersection of two woods roads. It’s pitch black, before the crack of dawn, nothing […]