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Hunting Is My Heritage

I wrote this column for Central Maine Newspapers, and it was published on November 22, 2006. It brings back fond memories of hunting with my dad for 56 years. The canoe paddle dips silently into the calm waters of Hopkins Stream, mist hiding the shoreline ahead, allowing us to sneak up to three Buffleheads that […]

The privilege of deer hunting

This was my Kennebec Journal column on November 8, 1993. As the canoe slid quietly along Hopkins Stream in the pre-dawn darkness, 11-year-old son Joshua jumped when an unseen beaver slapped the water right beside him. “Wow, what was that Dad?” he asked, more exclamation than question. It was the opening morning of the firearms […]

Duck hunting’s a love affair with nature

This was my newspaper column in 1995. You may hear gunshots in the marsh this morning. Duck hunting opened 30 minutes before sunrise. If things went according to plan, at 6 am this morning I was seated in a comfortable chair under overhanding alders, my natural blind alongside Hopkins Stream, a panorama of feathered friends […]