Monthly Archives: November 2014

Fights over fish and game are not new!

Common Lands, Common People, by Richard W. Judd, is a fascinating account of the origins of conservation in Northern New England. Published by Harvard University Press in 1997, Judd’s book has been an important reference for me for the last 15 years. There are all kinds of lessons for us in this book, on contemporary […]

Enjoy an African safari – without leaving home!

I’ve always wanted to visit South Africa to see all the amazing animals there, and I will probably never get there, but Vonne Martin’s new book, Southern Africa Safari, published by AuthorHouse, gives me an astonishing, spectacular, close-up look at the animals I’d hoped to see in person. Martin has been an underwater photographer for […]

My Maine – Changing Maine

Maine has changed a lot in my 66 years here, but in many of the ways that count with me, it’s changed very little. I was born a Maine sportsman, raised a Maine sportsman, and will die a Maine sportsman. My heritage is wild and native brook trout and white-tailed deer. I didn’t need today’s […]