Monthly Archives: October 2014

Alaskans kill bears to save moose

Maine’s Game Plan for Deer acknowledges but ignores bear predation of deer. And our declining moose population may make bear predation of moose a growing issue. Here’s how they deal with the problem in Alaska, reported in a story written by Tim Lowry. FAIRBANKS — For the second year in a row, state wildlife […]

North Dakota – hot, hot, and hotter

Tuesday. This is not North Dakota weather. By noon, the temperature was 81 degrees and we were hunting in tee shirts. I have hunted in snow out here and brought lots of warm clothes this trip. Those come in handy, because the temperature yesterday morning when we started hunting at daylight was 37 degrees. But […]

North Dakota takes hunting seriously

Awaiting our first afternoon of pheasant hunting in Regent, North Dakota, I am reading the state’s Conservation Guide 2014, fascinated by the strong support for hunting displayed statewide, and most especially by the state and federal government. This is especially impressive given that the state has only about half the population of Maine. Before I […]

The truth about bear hunting in other states

Thanks to Bob Duchesne, whose Saturday morning “Wild Maine” 92.9 radio shows on the bear referendum featured outstanding interviews with wildlife biologists Oregon, Washington, and Colorado, we now know the truth. Those are the three states that banned hunting bears with hounds and bait. Here is an excellent summary of what happened as a result, […]