Monthly Archives: September 2014

Maine needs a bare knuckled bear debate

The only way we’ll get a real debate about bear hunting and trapping is to clear the room of reporters and moderators and let the two sides go at each other – a bare knuckled bear debate. Otherwise, we’re going to get the standard questions and the rote memorized answers – and Maine voters won’t […]

Paid outdoor recreation – including hunting – on farms brings promising profits to farmers

Outdoor recreational opportunities on the Nation’s privately-owned farm, ranch and woodlands, which comprise nearly three-fourths of our land area, are virtually unlimited. Many farmers and landowners have already found recreation to be a new and profitable crop. Land formerly in grain is now meeting the needs of fisherman, hunters, campers, hikers, and others who seek […]

Lyme Disease Changes Maine’s Deer Discussion

For more than a century, Maine deer have been managed for maximum populations that benefit deer hunters. But Lyme disease is changing the discussion, and is likely to force Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to reduce deer populations in coastal, southern, and central Maine – even while they struggle to rebuild deer populations […]

Eliot Cutler’s Promises to Maine Sportsmen

Eliot Cutler’s Promises to Maine Sportsmen Today we take a look at Eliot Cutler’s promises to sportsmen, made in his 2014 candidate questionnaire of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine. Cutler added an extensive amount of comments for nearly every SAM question, and I will give you some of those comments in this report. DIF&W Funding […]

Maine Audubon opposes Lynx trapping permit

Maine Audubon has taken an aggressive position against the federal Incidental Take Permit for lynx requested by Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. In an email alert on September 2, Audubon asked supporters to “Please help lynx from being trapped in Maine!” Audubon encouraged its supporters to submit written comments to the U.S Fish […]