Monthly Archives: November 2013

Thanksgiving Bucks – Got one, Lost one

I’ve had some memorable hunts on Thanksgiving mornings, before gathering with family for the annual feast. Here are two of my most memorable Thanksgiving encounters with big bucks. An Icy Morning Heats Up Crunch, crunch, crunch. I could hear him plodding along in the frozen ground through a stand of spruce out in front of […]

Mainers will never hunt here on Sundays

I always get a lot of inquiries in November from deer hunters asking why we can’t hunt on Sundays. Here’s my answer. Sunday hunting was banned in Maine on February 28, 1883, and I don’t think we’ll ever hunt on Sundays here because – well, because we haven’t since 1883. Only six states prohibit Sunday […]

Ice shack raffle promises better fishing

You may win an amazing ice fishing shack. And you will definitely contribute to an improvement in Maine’s fishery. I’ve just ponied up $40 for raffle tickets, hoping to win one of the two creatively constructed ice shacks, and eager to contribute to the good work of Maine’s Fishery Improvement Network (FIN), sponsor of the […]

Erratic heart beat endangers deer hunt

Or maybe it’s the other way around. Studies have shown that the sight of a big buck can send your blood pressure and pulse skyrocketing. Actually, that might be just the remedy for my problem, an erratic and often too-slow heartbeat. After passing out in a Gardiner restaurant on the Friday night before opening day […]